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Planter Boxes & Raised Garden Beds


Our Product Range

Whilst our product range is extensive, we’ve streamlined our product categories to make it easy to find the right planter box solution to suit you. Across all categories, we manufacture standard size planters, however we produce custom sizes to suit just about every conceivable scenario.

Browse our product range by clicking the gallery images shown below then phone or email us and let us know how we can help you.

Mobile Timber Planter Boxes
At future environment Garden Builders we know that no space is too small to grow your own vegetables, decorative or screening plants! That’s why we build mobile Western Red Cedar wooden planter boxes and raised garden beds for small gardens, decks, balconies, courtyards and for people in the hospitality business.

Our stylish cedar wooden planter boxes are lightweight, durable and affordable. Western Red Cedar is exceptionally durable because it has naturally occurring extractives that are toxic to decay causing fungi. Western Red Cedar retains its shape even when exposed to the elements. Our mobile timber planter boxes and raised garden beds are fitted with heavy duty castors which means you can easily move them about to chase the sun, tuck them out of the way, or reconfigure on days when entertaining. All of our timber planter boxes come with a Geofabric – filterwrap liner that filtrates and prevents any loss of potting mix.

We craft our boxes in a range of standard sizes using 140mm x 30mm Eco Grade cedar timbers. CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE

Our supplier has received the prestigious GreenTagCertTM and GreenRate Level A Certification and has also attained GreenTagCertTM Certified Platinum Ratings – Australia’s 1st.

Roof Top Alfresco Partition Timber Planter Boxes

future environment Garden Builders build customised Western Red Cedar Roof Top timber planter boxes and Alfresco Partition timber planter boxes.

Our raised timber planter boxes are ideal for growing large scale vegetable and herb plots, creating wind breaks and open screening. Our timber planter box design allows for adaptable shape and height combinations to give your Roof Top or Alfresco area an interesting structure.
Raised timber planter boxes are ideal for home gardens, for people with reduced mobility, schools and community spaces and shared common areas in apartment dwellings.

Our raised timber planter boxes are also well suited for beer gardens, courtyard cafes and indoor foyers. To help you stand out the planters can be stencilled with your branding.

Mobile Cafe Barriers & Cafe Planters

Our mobile cedar timber cafe barriers and cedar timber cafe planters are popular with the hospitality industry. They provide a look that is very different from commercial barriers and help to make your business stand out. Our designs are adaptable and allow for the addition of timber or metal trellis so you can grow a living wall. future environment Garden Builders offer a choice of timber finishes, Vintage, Oiled, Painted or Stained. The right finish will help attract customers to your business and will compliment your fixtures and fittings.

Use our mobile timber planter boxes in your cafe courtyard. Fitted with heavy duty castors, our mobile planters are ideal for growing fresh herbs for the cafe kitchen and easy to move about and chase the sun. Replace all those mismatched and broken pots with a stylish and hard wearing mobile planter box.

Observing hospitality staff carry heavy barriers in and out each day, risking injury, inspired us to construct our timber cafe barriers and timber cafe planters form lightweight cedar supported by heavy duty industrial castors.

future environment also makes a range of funky metal and timber combination, outdoor and indoor cafe furniture – our design or yours.

Garden Trellises

Trellises support climbing plants such as beans and peas, flowering vines and tomatoes. A well-placed trellis increases growing space and improves access to light and air circulation. Fruits and vegetables on trellises are easier to reach and less vulnerable to pests and diseases.

future environment build garden and indoor trellises that are assembled in panels. These attach securely to the tops of planters, along fences, or the sides of houses. Trellises can be used as free-standing privacy screens and garden patio dividers. The flexible panel design allows for an endless variety of shapes and sizes.

Compared with most wood trellises our trellises are exceptionally durable and pleasing to the eye. The trellis panels are well-constructed from cedar that will last for years, supporting heavy vines, fruits and vegetables.

Also Available


Are you looking for a stylish practical sandpit? Our sandpits look good, are well constructed and safe for kids. Heavy duty castors allow you to move the sandpit out of the way or into the shade.

Once the kids have outgrown sand pit play, you can use the sand pit as a mobile garden bed for decorative or edible plants such as herbs.

Aside from raised garden beds, planter boxes & sandpits did you know we also manufacture Coffee Tables, Bespoke Furniture, Cedar BBQ grill planks & much more! Looking for something specific? Call us today to discuss your project and we’ll let you know what we can do to help you achieve your goal!



The team at Future Environment Garden Builders provide unparalleled expertise in designing, building and installing Western Red Cedar Timber planter boxes and raised garden beds.